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‘Mutant Football League’ Review of Closed Beta

This game is essentially NFL Blitz-meets-terrifying mutants, and it is a lot of fun.

It’s not often that something resembling a football game is released on PC. When that does happen, I tend to get very excited. Not since Madden 08 has any semblance of a football game graced the Windows platform.

Mutant Football League is the spiritual successor to Mutant League Football for the Sega Genesis. This is noticeable in the styling and player names; however, this plays almost exactly how one would expect a modern version of NFL Blitz to feel. MFL even features the NFL Blitz announcer, Tim Kitzrow.

Kitzrow does a fantastic job with his voice acting. The jokes rarely miss the mark and the commentary flows perfectly with the gameplay.

Overall this game comes highly recommended from me, if you know what you’re getting into. Don’t expect Madden-level simulation, but instead expect laughs and carnage with a little football thrown in.

Check the video below for more information on the game mechanics and how it all works in motion.