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2018 NFL Draft Order announced; Packers’ 12 selections are now confirmed

Green Bay’s picks are all confirmed, and we now know that the expected 7th-round pick from Buffalo did indeed come through.

NFL: Super Bowl LII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If there was any lingering question about the exact number or placement of the Green Bay Packers’ selections in the 2018 NFL Draft, that doubt can be put to rest today.

On Monday evening, the NFL officially released the full 2018 draft order, with all 256 selections listed out in order. The Green Bay Packers do indeed hold 12 selections in the draft, consisting of their own seven picks, four compensatory selections, and one pick acquired in a trade.

The Packers finished the 2017 season with a 7-9 record, a final record that tied them with the Cincinnati Bengals and Washington. By virtue of various tiebreakers, the Packers have the lowest pick of those three teams in the first round (14th overall), but the picks rotate in successive rounds. Therefore, the Packers hold pick 14 in rounds one, four and seven, while they will pick 13th in rounds two and five and select 12th in the third and sixth rounds.

In addition, the team received four compensatory selections by virtue of unrestricted free agent losses last offseason. Those picks land in round four (pick #33), round five (picks #35 and #37), and round six (pick #33).

Finally, the twelfth selection comes to Green Bay from the Buffalo Bills, who sent a conditional seventh-round selection in the 2018 draft for Lerentee McCray. The conditions of the trade were indeed met, and so the Packers also hold the 21st selection in round seven, which is pick #239 overall.

Here is the complete confirmed list of Packers’ picks in 2018:

Packers 2018 Draft Picks

Round Pick Overall Notes
Round Pick Overall Notes
1 14 14
2 13 45
3 12 76
4 1 101 from CLE (Randall/Kizer)
4 33 133 Compensatory
5 1 138 from CLE (Randall/Kizer)
5 35 172 Compensatory
5 37 174 Compensatory
6 12 186
6 33 207 Compensatory
7 14 232
7 21 239 from BUF for Lerentee McCray