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Cheese Curds 1/10: Welcome to the Green Bay Packers, Mike Pettine

Also: It’s a 1994 Packers reunion in Oakand

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

The two biggest dominoes of this oddly intriguing Green Bay Packers offseason have fallen into place.

The Packers replaced Ted Thompson with Brian Gutekunst as general Manager and now news broke last night that Mike Pettine will replace the deposed Dom Capers as the team’s defensive coordinator.

See our piece here for more on what Pettine brings to the table, but for now Packers fans can rest at least somewhat comfortably knowing their team’s defense will finally include some fresh ideas from outside the organization.

With Gutekunst and Pettine now in place, the Packers can get down to work of fixing their roster and positioning themselves for a run at the Super Bowl in 2018. No one has any idea what to expect this offseason, which should make it one of the least boring ones in the past 13 years.

There’s some good stuff on Gutekunst, Pettine and more in today’s cheese curds.

Packers to name former Browns coach Mike Pettine as new defensive coordinator—

Don’t get distracted by his time in Cleveland. Pettine knows how to coach a defense and coach it well.

Why Mike Pettine is the right choice for defensive coordinator—Lombardi Ave

Players both young and old will have to adjust and prove themselves in what will be considered a scheme change despite Pettine often using a 3-4 base.

Clay Matthews underwent ‘cleanup’ procedure on knee—

One of those defensive players is Matthews, whose future in Green Bay remains a bit murky with over $11 million due to be owed to him in 2018.

Brian Gutekunst plans to lead with his personality—

Ted Thompson may have been his mentor, but Gutekunst is clearly his own man and will do things his own way. This is welcome news to both players and fans.

How did Green Bay forge Raiders’ Gruden-McKenzie pairing?—Mercury News

Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie have reunited in Oakland, working together for the first time since they were in Green Bay in 1994. Will their chemistry pay of the Raiders as they prepare to move to Las Vegas in two years?