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Cheese Curds, 1/11: Will Mike Pettine be willing to simplify complex defensive scheme?

That’s one of the biggest questions around the Packers’ new defensive coordinator.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

The book on Mike Pettine has been that he runs extremely complex defenses, often challenging his players to make a number of calls and checks when the unit lines up. With that in mind, it is reasonable to have a bit of trepidation about how the new Green Bay Packers’ defensive coordinator’s units will function, since the last few years have seen the team struggle with similar complexity under Dom Capers.

However, there are reasons to believe that Pettine’s scheme in Green Bay will incorporate some simpler ideas and concepts, which could help out the young defense.

Balancing the complexity will be one of Pettine’s biggest challenges in 2018, as the Packers need to improve drastically upon their abysmal numbers over the past two years. Pettine led a great defensive turnaround in Cleveland when he arrived in 2014, and the hope is that he can do something similar in Green Bay this fall.

Here’s another further look at Pettine and what to expect from him this season.

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Ryan, who has been Pettine's old boss for almost 15 years, says that Pettine "is the smartest guy in the room," and that he should have tremendous success with the Packers.

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Perhaps this is due in part to the intelligence that Ryan referred to. He'll use different fronts each week and different looks on every snap, but that will require smart players who can adjust and understand the scheme -- something the Packers struggled with somewhat under Dom Capers. Still, Pettine’s time in Seattle has hopefully driven home the value of simplicity, at least in certain situations.

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