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Cheese Curds, 1/23: Packers lose out on bonuses, special teams come in as average

One reason Ron Zook is sticking around is a marked improvement in the Packers’ overall special teams performance over last season.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have had some bad special teams units over the past decade. The 2014 squad — whose signature play was Brandon Bostick foolishly trying to recover an onside kick — got then-coordinator Shawn Slocum fired.

Since then, Ron Zook has been at the helm of the group and has tried his best to put forth better-coached groups in the kicking game. This season, at least according to one metric of special teams performance, was Zook’s best in his three years.

Meanwhile, the Packers saw several high-profile players miss games with injuries this season, which cost those players bonus money. The team has used per-game active roster bonuses in veteran contracts for some time now, which means that for every game a player is not on the 46-man gameday roster, he forfeits 1/16th of the total bonus amount. In today’s curds we see who the biggest losers are in terms of missed bonus money.

Rick Gosselin's 2017 NFL special teams rankings - Talk Of Fame Radio
Gosselin, who used to write for the Dallas Morning Star, writes up these composite rankings every year. For 2017, the Packers ranked 16th, right in the middle of the pack, after finishing 29th in 2016 and 17th in 2015.

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Keep an eye out for the Packers' two Pro Bowlers on Thursday, as the pair will suit up in the skills competition in various contests. Personally, I can't wait to see Mike Daniels on the dodgeball court.

Aaron Rodgers, Bryan Bulaga among Packers' biggest bonus money losers - ESPN
The Packers pay out per-game roster bonuses as part of their contract structures for veterans, and just two of the 16 players with those contract provisions collected the full amounts. Rodgers' and Bulaga's bonuses are $37,500 for each game on the active roster, and they missed a combined 20 games to cost them a total of $750,000.

Packers could use a veteran QB, but what’s out there? | Packers Wire
Could a player like Ryan Fitzpatrick interest Brian Gutekunst and Mike McCarthy? What about Teddy Bridgewater, if the Vikings let him walk?

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There are six former five-star recruits in the starting lineups for this year's Super Bowl, but just one of them -- defensive tackle Malcom Brown who played for the Texas Longhorns -- is a New England Patriot.

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This leaves the Minnesota Vikings on the hunt for a new offensive coordinator as questions about their trio of quarterbacks abound.