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Why the local Packers bar is the best place for a Green Bay fan to watch Super Bowl LII

Especially for fans outside of Wisconsin, Super Bowl Sunday is a perfect excuse to get together with your fellow Cheeseheads at the closest Packers bar.

Green Bay Packers Fans Watch Super Bowl XLV Photo by Matt Ludtke/Getty Images

The television experience is so good for the NFL nowadays. If the couch or chair is comfortable and the food is handy and readily available, why would anyone ever leave the comfort of their own home to watch the Super Bowl?

For Green Bay Packers fans — particularly those of us outside of the state of Wisconsin — there’s an especially good reason.

Let’s face it: this year’s Packers were a massive disappointment. For a team that started out so strong, particularly with a big week one victory over the Seattle Seahawks, things looked great. Then the defense collapsed and Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone snapped and everything went to hell.

Still, one of the things that makes the franchise so great is sharing in the good and bad times with fellow Packers fans. Super Bowl LII, which of course takes place next Sunday, will be the final opportunity to do so for several months, and even though the Packers are not participating, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with fellow Packers fans in your area and discuss the changes that have taken place within the franchise over the past few weeks.

If you’re a Wisconsin expat, odds are that you haven’t had a chance to get together with your fellow Cheeseheads to discuss the hiring of Brian Gutekunst as GM or the multitude of changes to the coaching staff. That makes Super Bowl Sunday the perfect time to catch up, maybe grab an Old-Fashioned or a Leinenkugel’s, and watch the big game.

Of course, if you’re not already a regular at your local Packers bar, this is a good opportunity to introduce yourself. The best part is that if you’re not sure where the bar is in your area, the Packers have you covered with their handy search tool.

So this year on Super Bowl Sunday, get out of the house, venture down to your local Cheesehead hangout, and celebrate the close of the 2017 NFL season while discussing the exciting changes in store for 2018.

As always, Go Pack Go!

(If you happen to be in Denver for the Super Bowl this year, you can find me hanging out at Wally’s Wisconsin Tavern. Just look for the Don Beebe jersey.)