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Cheese Curds, 10/12: Can Mason Crosby kick his bad day?

Or will the Packers have to move on?

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Have you ever had a really bad day at the office but then have to wait more than a full week to even get the next chance to redeem yourself?

That is the challenge Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby faces this week.

After a career-worst game last Sunday against the Detroit Lions where he was 0-5 (four missed field goals and one missed extra point) before making a field goal in the fourth quarter, Crosby must now someone turn the page and be ready to go against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football.

Of course, it’s one thing to simply say he has to turn the page. Actually doing it is another matter. Crosby went through a similar time after the 2012 season where the Packers brought in Giorgio Tavecchio to challenge the veteran kicker, but Crosby staved off the threat to his job and has been one of the more reliable kickers in the NFL since.

Now he faces yet another crossroads, this time after one of the worst kicking performances in the NFL over the past twenty years. Can he recover? Or is this the beginning of the end for the longtime kicker?

We’ll find out starting Monday but only Crosby himself can answer that question. You can read more on Crosby’s conundrum and a cockatoo who had too many cockatails in today’s cheese curds.

Best advice for Mason Crosby? Don’t even think about it—

Not sure “fuggedaboutit” is a solid psychological treatment, but it really is the best way Crosby can move on. Regardless, there will be a severe lack of breathing at Lambeau Field Monday when he attempts his first kick.

Aaron Rodgers: “I don’t feel we’re far off.”—

Rodgers seems confident the offense is close to finally getting its act together. The quarterback knows he has to play better and the potential return of Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison certainly will aid things.

After setback, Aaron Rodgers hopes to avoid going back to bulky brace—ESPN

Speaking of Rodgers, he hopes to not have to use the bulkier knee brace he was wearing immediately after his knee injury in the season opener. Head coach Mike McCarthy did say Rodgers would practice today, so there is at least some hope Rodgers didn’t severely aggravate the injury.

As hostile environment awaits, is C.J. Beathard ready for prime time?—Mercury News

Meanwhile in San Francisco, the 49ers backup thrust into the starting role thanks to Jimmy Garappolo’s torn ACL will be in the national spotlight Monday. Whether or not Beathard will perform well remains to be seen.

Intoxicated’ cockatoo survives crashing into vehicle—UPI

The bird may have eaten fermented wheat and grapes when it collided with a vehicle. “Drunk as a cockatoo” doesn’t quite roll off the same way as “drunk as a skunk.”