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Packers fans’ confidence is now lowest among NFC North teams’ fan bases

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We saw a huge drop in reader optimism after Sunday’s loss in Detroit.

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Any loss in a small sample size sport like football is painful for a fan base, but the Green Bay Packers’ recent struggles have sent fans’ confidence plummeting. Throughout this season, APC and SB Nation have kept track of the level of confidence Packers fans have in their team through our FanPulse surveys, and since week one the results have seen a steady decline.

The Packers sit at 2-2-1, but the numbers have seen a steady decline with big drops following the team’s two losses. In fact, the proportion of survey participants who said they are confident in the direction of the Packers was cut in half this week, dropping from 60 percent to just 30%.

Here’s a look at the results throughout the season:

This now puts the Packers in the bottom spot among all NFC North teams, trailing the fans of the Detroit Lions (52%), Minnesota Vikings (70%), and Chicago Bears (96%).

Given the way the team has lost and the performance of the offense overall, it’s understandable. A pair of Aaron Rodgers fumbles robbed the Packers of potential scoring opportunities last week while the quarterback and head coach still seem to be out of sync. Hopefully the team as a whole can rebound with a big performance on Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers.

Although that team’s fans could have reason to feel even worse off than Packers fans — given injuries to practically the entire offense and torn ACLs for their starting quarterback and running back — Niners Nation survey participants are actually a bit higher in their confidence index at 38%. Perhaps they’re taking a longer-term look at their team, which is no longer expected to compete this year; or perhaps they are simply less prone to large swings of emotion as a result of a single loss.

In any case, a convincing win by the Packers would likely help fans feel much better going into the team’s bye week. Hopefully this is the week that the offense gets back on track.