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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Defense has arrived for the Packers

Now the team just needs the defense to stay for awhile.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers Wisconsin-USA TODAY NETWORK

When examining the performance of the defense in the Green Bay Packers’ 22-0 win over the Buffalo Bills, it seems some are concluding the Bills are just bad on offense rather than the Packers making a leap on defense.

Both can be and likely are true.

The game was clearly moving way too fast for Buffalo rookie quarterback Josh Allen. Yes the Bills obliterated Minnesota just a week prior, but Allen really didn’t play all that well and our own Paul Noonan broke it down wel here.

Meanwhile, the Packers showed improvement. The interior pass rush developed as we all hoped it would and Kyler Fackrell(!!!) has three sacks though he was gifted one when Allen tripped over his own man.

Green Bay will have to continue improving and they’re not out of the woods yet, but defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’ scheme seems to be settling in and the Packers got their first shutout since 2010. That season ended pretty well if I remember correctly.

Anyways, there is more on the defense plus why the offense is of concern but not necessarily ‘awful’ in today’s cheese curds.

Packers analysis: Inside pass rushers must keep bringing pressure—

Everyone has been waiting for the defensive line to consistently get to the quarterback given the team’s issues at edge rusher, and it finally happened Sunday. Now they just need to keep it up.

Packers defense must keep progressing—

Head coach Mike McCarthy was impressed by his defense’s performance, but like many fans he is wondering what is next? What will they do now that they’ve put a solid effort for 60 minutes on tape.

Two for Tuesdays: 2 underrated plays from Packers’ Week 4 win—Packers Wire

Everyone is rightfully fawning over Aaron Jones at running back, but don’t forget Ty Montgomery. Good things happen when he touches the ball abd with Jones’ emerging presence he could be a weapon all over the field.

Packers offense not ‘terrible’ but concerning after four games—

Rodgers called the offense ‘terrible’ after Sunday’s game and while that might be a reach, yet understandable given the quarterback’s competitive nature, there are signs the offense is not well.

Crash releases 70 cows onto Atlanta-area highway—UPI

This definitely won’t help traffics moo-ve along. For travelers this must have been an udderly frustrating experience or at least dairy trying. OK, I’ve milked these puns long enough.