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Cheese Curds, 10/22: Bye week results alternately help & hurt Packers

While the NFC North leaders dropped a close one on Sunday, the other divisional teams won and the Saints pulled out a lucky victory as well.

NFL: New England Patriots at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

As the Green Bay Packers were idle this weekend and remained at 3-2-1, they saw quite the shakeup of the NFC North standings around them. The Vikings handily dispatched the Jets, improving to 4-2-1 and moving to first place in the division. The Bears fought hard against the Patriots, but ended up coming inches short of tying the game. And the Lions won in South Florida, improving to 3-3 and getting the division to a point where every team is at or above .500.

Meanwhile, the Packers got no help from the Baltimore Ravens and their stellar defense, as they were hosting the New Orleans Saints. The Packers, of course, acquired the Saints’ first-round draft pick in 2019 earlier this year, and are therefore hoping to see the Saints lose as many games as possible to improve the standing of that selection. Unfortunately, they now sit at 5-1 after a highly improbable event sent them to a victory instead of overtime.

Stay tuned this week as we begin preparing for the Packers’ toughest game of the season, a road date at the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon. For now, however, let’s look back at Sunday’s results and an examination of how quarterback Aaron Rodgers deals with developing trust in his receivers.

Patriots survive Bears' Hail Mary effort to earn fourth straight win -
The Bears lost out on a potential comeback against New England when Mitchell Trubisky learned a valuable lesson: you MUST get the ball into the end zone when you're throwing a Hail Mary. Kevin White hauled in Trubisky's pass, but it was a yard short of the goal line and the Patriots stacked him up just shy of the end zone.

No one can believe Justin Tucker missed a game-tying PAT vs. the Saints -
Meanwhile, the Ravens could have tied the Saints with 24 seconds left, but Tucker -- who had never missed a kick of 33 yards or less in his NFL career -- sliced his kick and sent it wide right. That means that the Saints improved to 5-1, which will further hurt the first-round draft pick that they sent to the Packers in 2019.

Infographic: 100 Seasons of a winning heritage |
In this visual breakdown of the Packers' 13 titles, a few things stand out. First, Green Bay's Super Bowl wins have all seen the team score more than 30 points. Second, the Giants must have been really sick of seeing the Packers in championship games early on in the team's history. And third -- who remembers that Slash from Guns 'n Roses was part of the halftime show at Super Bowl XLV?

An inside look at how Packers receivers build trust with Aaron Rodgers |
There's little question in my mind that Rodgers can be a coach after he's done playing. After all, he's basically coaching his receivers now, quizzing them on play recognition, hand signals, and routes. If you don't pass Rodgers' tests, you don't get the ball, and you probably don't see the field.

Packers sticking with CB Tony Brown despite penalties | Packers Wire
The athletic ability that Brown possesses is keeping him on the roster for now, despite a pair of dumb special-teams penalties over the past two weeks.

Newman's Castle – Bellville, Texas - Atlas Obscura
A bakery owner in Texas decided to do what any normal person would do with the solid profits from his business: build a medieval-style castle and charge people $20 to take a private tour. Just watch out for his Irish wolfhounds, who apparently have a sweet tooth.