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Fried-Day Cheese Curds: Packers hope to stunt Rams’ potent play-action attack

Is Mike Pettine up to the challenge? We’ll find out.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Jim Matthews-USA TODAY Sports

The narrative among the media and even amongst Green Bay Packers fans this week seems to be that the Packers don’t really stand a chance against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

Even Vegas doesn’t have much faith in Green Bay with the Rams currently set as 8.5 point favorites.

It’s not that there’s no confidence the Packers’ offense can’t keep pace with the Rams’ attack. If there’s anyone who you’d want to bet on given that spread, it’s Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback literally made his career out of embracing the role as an underdog and you’d be foolish to count him out this weekend.

Where people think the Packers are doomed is with their defense. The unit, though injured, has shown flashes of brilliance but also has had stretches of poor play. If the defense could play a full 60 minutes, the Packers’ record would reflect a much better team than one that currently sits 3-2-1.

Now the defense gets to face Sean McVay’s high powered offense led by another Cal quarterback in Jared Goff and potent running back Todd Gurley. It will be the biggest test the defense has faced all season and the Packers will need to be up to the task to have a chance against Los Angeles.

McVay relies on Gurley and a lot of playaction to make his offense go. He also motions receivers all over to try and get the defense to tip the hand of their coverages. McVay also can use this to track his opponent’s tendencies.

The Rams offense is one that would chew up and spit out former Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers’ defense. Is current coordinator Mike Pettine’s more modern approach up to the task? We’ll find out Sunday.

You can read more on how the Packers can counter the Rams’ attack plus why ‘kill it with fire!’ is a bad approach to insect control in today’s cheese curds.

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