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Packers FanPulse confidence index stays steady after offense looks ugly in Bills game

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The defense’s great performance probably helped balance out the offense’s struggles in fans’ minds this week.

Buffalo Bills v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are back over .500, thanks to a 22-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills in week four. That pulls them up to 2-1-1 on the season, a game up on the Minnesota Vikings for second place in the NFC North behind the 3-1 Chicago Bears.

Are Packers fans feeling the excitement at this point? Not so much. Although Mike Pettine’s defense had a stellar day against the Bills and quarterback Josh Allen, the offense scuffled and largely disappointed in the contest. Even Aaron Rodgers was disappointed in the unit’s performance, saying it was less than playoff caliber.

With those performances in mind, it seems that Packers fans are waiting to see a more complete game over a better team before placing a heavy dose of faith in this team. That is borne out by the results of this week’s Fanpulse survey at APC, which measures Packers fans’ confidence index. After a low result prior to the week four game, at just 53%, the number increased just slightly, bumping up seven points to an even 60%.

Here’s a look at how confidence in this team has evolved over the season. Note the significant drop from week three to week four, which came after Green Bay’s loss in Washington.