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Monday Cheese Curds: Packers fall to pieces in Detroit

An ugly post-mortem look at the Packers’ loss in Detroit.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes after a loss the way forward is straightforward. Did your offensive line miss a key block and give up a sack? Protect better next time. Did your defense miscommunicate on a late touchdown? Work that out in practice next week. Did your rookie wide receiver run the wrong route and cause an interception? Send him to the bench until he figures it out.

But other times, the problems seem so comprehensive it’s hard to know where to begin. The issues are easy to find, but there are so many layers to the problems that solutions are more difficult to identify.

Such is the case with the Packers. There are myriad issues on offense, defense, and special teams and all of them seemed to rear their heads at once on Sunday. Tempting though it may be to just try to dismiss the game and move on, the Packers have problems that may stick around for the balance of the season. With the Rams and Patriots looming just after the bye, the Packers may face much harsher defeats in the not too distant future if they can’t get their problems at least partly sorted out.

Green Bay Packers’ difference-makers fail to deliver | Packers News

The Packers do have some talent, but outside of Davante Adams, the Packers’ biggest names came up small in Detroit.

Packers’ Mason Crosby misses 13 points (4 FG, PAT) in 8-point loss | ESPN

Mason Crosby owned his mistakes on Sunday, which would be a lot more refreshing if it made any kind of difference.

Trying game doesn’t shake Packers’ faith in Mason Crosby

In a more rose-colored look at Crosby’s struggles, the Packers give every indication they’re going to stick by their man.

Packers fail to get RBs involved in maddening loss to Lions | Packers Wire

Beneath the more glaring issues from Sunday’s loss, the fire of discontent surrounding the Packers’ use of their running backs got a lot more fuel this week. Not only did Aaron Jones not get the ball, he only saw the field for 22 snaps.

Okay, enough being sad. Here is Blake Bortles doing the most Blake Bortles thing.

And here is Ryan Tannehill doing an even more Blake Bortles thing.