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Packers fans’ confidence starts to rebound after blowout win over Dolphins

It’s a slow process to get fans of an NFL team that should contend to believe again after a 3-4-1 start to a season, but that first step may have been taken this week.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, we at Acme Packing Company take stock of the confidence level of Green Bay Packers fans through our FanPulse surveys, and in the first year of this study, we’ve seen some ugly results.

As the Packers scuffled early and got off to a 3-4-1 start, confidence in the team plummeted from a 98% rate before the season to a low mark of just 17% after the team’s loss to the New England Patriots. In fact, that mark was lower than all but six teams in the NFL following week nine.

However, as they say, winning cures all ills. And although one win will not bring the majority of the fan base back into a fully confident state, seeing Aaron Jones have a monster day and watching the defense keep the opposing team out of the end zone entirely has had a significant impact. Following that 31-12 victory over the Miami Dolphins, our FanPulse confidence index has doubled over last week, up to 34%.

That is the single largest jump that APC has seen all year, which should hardly be surprising given that the numbers started high before dropping like a stone after losses. Even the Packers’ first three wins didn’t result in much optimism — the index actually dropped 20 points after week one, largely due to Aaron Rodgers’ knee injury, and it rose just seven and four points respectively after wins over the Bills and 49ers.

Here’s a look at the trend overall for the year:

Stay tuned tomorrow for the FanPulse picks for Thursday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks, which will be reported as usual during our weekly game picks breakdown.