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Friday Cheese Curds: The Bell Tolls for Mike McCarthy

The end of the McCarthy era is looking more certain than ever after another confounding be loss

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

That sound you may have heard at the conclusion of the Green Bay Packers’ loss last night?

It was the sound of a book closing. The book on the Mike McCarthy era in Green Bay is finished and is ready to be put on the shelf.

At 4-5-1, the Packers are going to need a miracle to make the playoffs given their performance. Even then, it might not be enough to save McCarthy’s job.

An era is coming to an end and while Packers fans may be relieved to see it end, it’s still sad that it has come to this. The head coach repeatedly making the same mistakes and his quarterback, one he helped develop into a football good, continues to perform as simply a mere mortal.

When it comes down to choosing an all world quarterback or a coach to get rid of, you always choose the coach especially when the quarterback just signed a record contract mere months ago.

It stinks that this is yet another lost season in the career of Aaron Rodgers but perhaps the team can correct it by getting a coach who can get the team back into title contention. They still have Rodgers and they have a bright young general manager in Brian Gutekunst who by all accounts built the team the right way.

It’s now just their head coach who is an anchor and it’s time to cut that anchor loose so the ship can continue sailing and not sinking.

There’s more on the likely end of the McCarthy era plus how Rodgers isn’t absolved from blame either in today’s cheese curds.

Packers’ latest loss to Seahawks might usher in end of an

With the way the game started it looked like this may have been Green Bay’s night to exercise their Seattle demons. Then the actual version of the 2018 team showed up and everything fell apart. Perhaps Tramon Williams’s quotes about the questionable late punt tell it all.

Packers on brink after another loss in Seattle--ESPN

A sequel to “Run the Table” would be remarkable but will it happen? Probably not but stranger things have happened.

Rodgers, McCarthy can’t seem to fix whatever is broken with Packers’

If the coach and quarterback are not on the same page, the defense will have to generational in performance to keep the team afloat in today’s game. Hence why the Packers are where they are.

Kyler Fackrell’s career day ends in ‘bittersweet’

A win would have made this the “Kyler Fackrell game” but it’s time to recognize that Fackrell has become the most consistent edge rusher on the team even more than his higher paid counterparts.

What’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers?--Bleacher Report

The knee injury should be affecting Rodgers’ head. He is missing open receivers and has lost some of his accuracy. What’s wrong with the quarterback and can he be fixed?