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Tuesday Cheese Curds: The Packers are terrible and so are the headlines

The team and their fans aren't used to this kind of negative coverage

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings USA TODAY NETWORK

When your team is playing like garbage, the headlines are not going to be pretty.

After Sunday night’s debacle in Minnesota, words like “broken” and “inept” have been directed at the Packers and fans are none too pleased.

One can only hope Packers president Mark Murphy is paying attention and he should be.

Green Bay is more than likely going to miss the postseason for the second consecutive season and this time with Aaron Rodgers under center for the majority of it. There is no more Brett Hundley around to make a convenient scapegoat of. The Packers suck and there’s no getting around it.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Rodgers was supposed to be the Comeback Player of the Year and lead the Packers at least to the playoffs if not a Super Bowl appearance. The team has a new young and aggressive general manager and head coach Mike McCarthy allegedly retooled the offensive playbook. The team was supposed to be reborn in 2018.

Instead the Packers could very well end up with a top ten draft pick for come April 2019. When reality is a direct inversion of expectations, changes need to be made.

What will those changes be? There are a few possibilities and in today’s cheese curds, we examine what those could be.

The Packers Are Broken and It’s Time to Make Major Changes--Bleacher Report

Could Green Bay be looking at a rebuild with Aaron Rodgers still on the roster? It’s possible, says Mike Freeman. In this writer’s opinion, Brian Gutekunst did a great job finding new ingredients for the roster. It’s just that Mike McCarthy has forgotten how to cook.

Four Completely Plausible Explanations for the Packers’ Ineptitude--The Ringer

While calling Rodgers “washed” may be a bit much for the moment, we have to consider he’s already out of his prime. Quaterbacks rarely age gracefully and Packers fans saw the exception to that with Brett Favre. That being said, I think the option of Rodgers losing all confidence in his coach and offensive scheme seems the more likely result but we’ll have to see.

Faulty footwork undermining Aaron Rodgers’

It’s also possible Rodgers’ issues are purely mental. Rodgers’ footwork in the past has been phenomenal. This year it has been anything but and it was on display against Minnesota. Sure some of it earlier in the year had to do with his knee injury but he’s healthy now and is still throwing off his back foot. Is it psychological? Has getting hurt in back to back seasons affected his mindset to where he is subconsciously protecting himself to the point his mechanics are off? It’s an interesting theory.

Locker room knows its back is against the

In the past, there was hope the Packers could dig themselves out of the hole they currently find themselves in. Now? It just feels like the walls at Lambeau Field are crumbling and the team is powerless to stop it.

Teen’s driver’s license revoked in under an hour--UPI

Congratulations on getting your driver’s license! Annnnndddd….it’s gone.