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Friday Cheese Curds: Packers may have to get Sprigg-y with it against the Cardinals

Jason Spriggs will start at left tackle if David Bakhtiari can't go. Hold on to your butts.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one person the Green Bay Packers cannot afford to lose on offense besides Aaron Rodgers, it might be offensive tackle David Bakhtiari.

Not only is he tasked with protecting Rodgers’ blind side but he also does a darn good job of doing it. Bakhtiari is the best left tackle in football and when he’s not in the lineup things fall apart for the offense rather quickly.

One must look no further than last Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. Once Bakhtiari left the lineup, so did any chances of a Green Bay comeback. Jason Spriggs just wasn’t able to handle the Minnesota defensive line.

With the Arizona Cardinals coming to Lambeau Field Sunday, Spriggs may be called into action again with Bakhtiari limited in practice. Should Spriggs start, he’ll be facing off against Chandler Jones who has 11 sacks on the season. It’s a tall task for the former second round pick who hasn’t come close to living up to his draft position

There’s more on Spriggs and how Green Bay can somehow still make the postseason in today’s cheese curds.

David Bakhtiari backup Jason Spriggs ready to make quick adjustments if needed for

Thankfully the rest of the Cardinals roster is sub par otherwise the Spriggs/Jones matchup could tilt the field in Arizona’s favor.

Packers’ young defensive linemen being called upon for

Much like Bakhtiari on the offensive line, Mike Daniels makes things go for the defensive line. It’ll be up to Kenny Clark and Friends to make things happen and while Clark is a bona fide Pro Bowl player, the rest of the line will have to step up.

Here’s a handy guide to the Packers’ path to the playoffs--Packers Wire

So you’re saying there’s a chance….

Packers’ Randall Cobb set to return vs. Cardinals--ESPN

Cobb thinks Rodgers is “ready to light everybody up” and maybe the return of the veteran receiver will bring some comfort to the suddenly rattled signal caller.

Deer crashes through window into courthouse--UPI

Oh deer. Clearly this deer watched too many episodes of Family Guy featuring the Kool-Aid Man.