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Friday Cheese Curds: Packers Have a Long, Hard Road to Playoffs

It’s going to take some serious work for the Packers to make the postseason

Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

For the better part of two months, we’ve been waiting for the Packers to figure things out. Every week they’ve seemed (to varying degrees) to be a team on the brink, just waiting for their chance to put everything together and become the contender many thought they could be before the season.

That team has appeared in fits and starts, but heading into the second half of the season it’s been far more the exception than the rule to see the Packers playing like they’re all on the same page.

But now, the margin of error is thin. They’ve got a long way to go to climb into playoff contention and an increasingly short time to do it. If it’s going to happen, they need to become who they’re supposed to be. And fast.

Stale, stagnant Packers face rougher road to 2016 repeat | Packers News

The last time the Packers really needed to climb out of a hole was 2016, but Pete Dougherty argues this time around could be a lot tougher.

Blake Martinez weighing risks of playing with swollen ankle | Packers News

You’d be forgiven for wondering if Martinez’s season was over when he was carted to the locker room Sunday night in New England, but he returned to the field and finished the game. Now, though, Martinez has to assess his ability to play on a tender ankle moving forward.

CB Bashaud Breeland expected to play ‘significant role’ for Packers defense | Packers Wire

Breeland didn’t have the most auspicious of debuts with the Packers, but defensive coordinator Mike Pettine doesn’t seem to think that’s going to hurt his chances at seeing the field in the future.

Which Maybe-Soon-to-Be-Open NFL Head-Coaching Job Is the Most Enticing? | The Ringer

There’s been little to affirm the idea that Mike McCarthy will be out after this season (exciting though the possibility may be), but if he is fired, The Ringer’s Robert Mays (rightly) believes the Packers’ coaching job will be one of the most sought after in the NFL.

Runaway Train Blazes Through Western Australia For More Than 50 Miles | NPR

Not football related, but an empty train running through the middle of nowhere before derailing just seems like a metaphor for a certain sports team’s performance this year.