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Cheese Curds, 12/12: Should the Packers Pursue Vic Fangio?

A Packers beat writer floats the possibility of Vic Fangio taking over as the Packers head coach.

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Dating back to Mike Holmgren, the Packers have shown a consistent preference for offensive-minded head coaches. Holmgren was a Bill Walsh disciple. Mike Sherman cut his teeth as an offensive line coach. Mike McCarthy coordinated offenses in New Orleans and San Francisco. Even interim coach Joe Philbin has been entirely focused on offense for the duration of his coaching career.

The only exception to this trend has been Ray Rhodes, and that’s all we need to say about that.

But in 2018, with the league trending more and more towards offense, maybe there’s something to be said for a defensive coach taking over as head coach. If the NFL is going to do all it can to tilt the field towards offense, maybe it no longer makes as much sense to devote significant resources to a side of the ball that the league is going out of its way to help. Perhaps teams — the Packers included — would be better served to spend their time and energy on defense.

Packers nemesis Vic Fangio a must-interview for head-coaching job | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Tom Silverstein argues the Packers’ could use a defense-oriented head coach running the show in Green Bay, and if that’s what you want, it’s hard to do better than Fangio.

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After Aaron Rodgers was subjected to a borderline hit by an Atlanta Falcons defender, Lucas Patrick was right there to stand up for his quarterback. As he tells Wes Hodkiewicz, every team needs an enforcer.

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All indications point to McCarthy landing another coaching gig sooner or later, but if he misses out on “sooner,” CBS’s Jason La Canforna reports he may be willing to wait a year. He also shares what he believes is McCarthy’s preferred destination, and it may surprise you.

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In what can only be considered a triumph for justice, a Packers fan will get to continue his lawsuit against the Bears in his ongoing quest to be allowed to wear Packers gear on the Bears’ sideline.

Woman’s diamond ring found in sewer 9 years after falling into toilet | UPI

If you’ve been searching for the perfect analogy of what it would be like for the Packers to make the playoffs after a 4-7-1 start and firing their head coach, consider your search concluded.