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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Don’t rule out defensive mind for the next Packers head coach

The move would free up an offensive coordinator but it also comes with some risks

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

When the Green Bay Packers fired Mike McCarthy as their head coach, it was widely assumed the team would pursue an offensive-minded coach to help fix Aaron Rodgers and the once-potent offense.

What happens if that assumption is wrong and the Packers actually go with a defensive-minded coach?

This would mean the offensive play caller could be completely in control of the offense and not also be tasked with overseeing the entire time like McCarthy was. It would mean more face-to-face time with Rodgers, who needs to be coached badly and the quarterback himself has gone on record saying that’s what he wants. The benefits of this are pretty tempting.

The potential downside to this that it is much easier to fire coordinators than a head coach so if the next offensive coordinator doesn’t gel with Rodgers they’ll be shown the door quickly and that could create instability on that side of the ball. Even with an MVP quarterback that’s not a good thing.

It also means the likely departure of Mike Pettine and a third defensive scheme in three years for the Packers. This also isn’t ideal.

Green Bay should and probably will still go with an offensive-minded coach, but a defensive candidate should not ruled out.

There’s more on the coaching search plus Green Bay’s newest receiver already loves his new team in today’s cheese curds.

List of defensive candidates for Packers job could be impressive—

If Green Bay goes defense, it would be the first defensive minded head coach since *gulp* Ray Rhodes, but it could work in theory.

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Even without Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark, the defensive line still held their own for the most part against Chicago despite one play where they parted like the Red Sea.

Joe Philbin doesn’t plan to sit QB Rodgers—

Health risks aside, further playing time would allow Rodgers to continue to develop chemistry with his young wide receivers, something that has definitely hampered the offense all season as our Peter Bukowski noted.

Allen Lazard in ‘Football Heaven’ after signing with Packers—Des Moines Register

The former Iowa State standout understands he’s now in “football heaven” and immediately asked Twitter where the nearest Culver’s was so he could find some cheese curds. We think he will fit in just fine.

Engineer uses glitter and fart smell to punish package thieves—UPI

Want to steal a package? Prepare to look fabulous but smell terrible.