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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Is Josh McDaniels the Packers' dream hire?

McDaniels could help guide Aaron Rodgers into his 40s.

NFL: Houston Texans at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

With this coming evening marking the 72-hour mark since the Green Bay Packers fired Mike McCarthy, the dust has begun to settle and all eyes are focused on the task ahead.

The search for the next head coach is underway and there is one name that is almost always the first to come out of people’s mouths: New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

It makes perfect sense. McDaniels has done as masterful job of directing New England’s offense as quarterback Tom Brady has entered his 40s, something Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has said he wants to do.

He’s also helped create an offense that has managed to thrive despite a lot of moving parts, something Green Bay struggled with under McCarthy in recent years.

The potential downside to McDaniels is he has his disastrous head coaching stint in Denver hanging over his head plus his odd spurning of the Indianapolis Colts might give team’s pause.

Has he learned from his mistakes and would a potential Rodgers/McDaniels pairing eventually devolve into a battle of egos like what happened between the quarterback and his now former head coach?

That’s a question the Packers will have to answer in their search. If McDaniels has grown up enough, this could be a dream situation for Green Bay and their MVP quarterback.

There’s more on McDaniels and the Packers’ head coaching search in today’s cheese curds.

Josh McDaniels could be just what the Packers want in a coach--ESPN

It could be an ideal hire, but will the history of the Belichick coaching tree (except maybe Bill O’Brien) give Mark Murphy pause?

Lessons on how to conduct a proper Packers coaching

There is some fantastic advice in here from hall of fame former general manager Ron Wolf that Murphy and Brian Gutekunst would be wise to heed. We know Gutekunst will listen to him, but will Murphy? He has to.

Joe Philbin ready to lead Packers through December

Meanwhile the Packers do still have four games left to play and Philbin is a legitimate candidate for the full-time job according to Murphy. Sweeping the likely division champion Chicago Bears with a win at Soldier Field would be a nice feather in his cap.

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It’s not going to happen, but playing pretend is still fun, right?

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