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Aaron Rodgers almost took off a radio show producer’s head with a football

It’s a good thing the producer for the Dan Patrick Show was wearing a helmet (and that Rodgers threw it over his head).

Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Andrew Perloff is a producer on the Dan Patrick Show, a radio show featuring the former SportsCenter host. Perloff goes by the nickname of “McLovin” for his resemblance to the character from the film Superbad.

Aaron Rodgers is a two-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl MVP. He can throw a football incredibly accurately and incredibly hard.

On Thursday’s show, Dan and company were in the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl, and Rodgers dropped by to discuss football, some off-the-field items, and apparently to demonstrate to the crew how hard it is to catch a football that comes out of his hand. Perloff got the unenviable task of putting on a helmet and being the one to line up several yards away across the studio and catch a pass.

He did not succeed.

Here’s a video clip that Perloff posted to Twitter showing just how absurd Rodgers’ arm strength is. Notice that he doesn’t put nearly all of his weight behind this throw, either. Thankfully, Rodgers put the throw a little high to avoid actually hitting McLovin in the head:

It really does make you wonder how NFL receivers can catch passes from any quarterback, but especially from one with an arm as strong as Rodgers’ — especially when he really puts some heat on the ball.

UPDATE: Here’s a full video clip of the exchange, in which Rodgers says that he does feel 100% now.