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Cheese Curds, 2/1: On Jerry Kramer’s Hall of Fame chances & Doug Pederson’s Green Bay history

While one former Packer hopes for the ultimate individual honor on Saturday, another is focused on leading his team to a championship on Sunday.

NFL Preseason - Green Bay Packers vs Jacksonville Jaguars - August 27, 2004 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

It’s a big week for a pair of former Green Bay Packers players whose tenures with the team were separated by about three decades. Both Jerry Kramer and Doug Pederson are on the precipice of two of the pinnacles of the entire sport of football, however, and this weekend could be life-changing for both men.

Kramer has of course been waiting for a call from the Pro Football Hall of Fame for years, and this year marks the first time in more than 20 years that he has made it to the Finalist stage of voting. Considering his age — 82 — this may be his last real shot at the Hall, and Packers fans everywhere are hoping that the selection committee does the right thing and votes him in to finally correct this grave injustice.

While Kramer has two Super Bowl rings, Doug Pederson could earn his second on Sunday — his first as a coach after winning one with the Packers in Super Bowl XXXI. With his Eagles taking on the New England Patriots on Sunday in Super Bowl LII, today’s Curds feature an illuminating look at Pederson’s tenure with the Packers from his closest teammates and friends.

Enjoy Super Bowl weekend, folks!

Packers legend Jerry Kramer's last chance for Pro Football Hall of Fame | Pete Dougherty
The only interesting part of the NFL Honors for Packers fans this year will be the Hall of Fame announcement. Voting takes place earlier in the day on Saturday, and it's past time for Kramer to get in. Tune in tomorrow night!

Jerry Kramer was lineman at forefront of Lombardi's power sweep |
The word "great" is all Vince Lombardi needed to describe how Kramer executed that play, which is arguably the single most recognizable play in all of football.

Doug Pederson: From Brett Favre's 'Front Doctor' to Super Bowl coach - ESPN
LeRoy Butler jokes that only one person could control Brett Favre: Pederson. Butler also talks about how he would talk to Pederson about issues in practice rather than go to his defensive coaches, signifying to the All-Pro safety that eventually Pederson would be a great head coach. That's just one of the multitude of great stories that Pederson's former teammates have about him.

No one is more excited about Mike Pettine than Packers DL Mike Daniels | Packers Wire
"He's a really angry, no-BS, Jersey dude." Who is talking about whom here? Click to find out.

Mike Daniels would rather face Tom Brady than Russell Wilson -
Diesel sat down with SB Nation's Geoff Schwartz to address a bunch of topics that affect linemen. The headline revelation is an interesting one, especially because the Packers have had great success against Wilson in recent games.

Eagles DT Beau Allen Makes His Super Bowl Homecoming -
Hey "Minnesota Nice" isn't always a compliment, so be careful how you use it. Back to the point: Beau Allen grew up a Packers fan in the Twin Cities before enrolling at and playing football for the University of Wisconsin. Good call on both fronts, Beau — Wisconsin is pulling for you.

Finally, let’s take a look at how noted Packers fan Justin Timberlake, who is performing the Super Bowl Halftime Show, responded to questions from a particularly pushy reporter about who he’ll be cheering for this Sunday: