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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Packers should pass on, instead of passing to, Odell Beckham Jr.


NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

In an free agency period that has seen crazy moves happen nearly every day, this move would be the craziest;

Could Odell Beckham Jr. be shipped to the Green Bay Packers via a trade?

It’s doubtful Green Bay would pony up the amount the New York Giants would be asking for Beckham’s services, but one also needs to wonder if the Packers SHOULD even pursue a trade.

Sure, Beckham is talented but he’s also very temperamental. The wall by the visitor’s locker room at Lambeau Field can attest to that. Throw in the experience the Packers just had with Martellus Bennett and there are plenty of red flags that should hold back Green Bay from a Beckham trade.

It’s fun to speculate the Packers could pull off a fantasy football-style move like this, but it’s a risk (and a likely very expensive one) that they should avoid at all costs.

More on Beckham plus why the NFC West could yet again be a stumbling block the Packers in today’s cheese curds.

Behavior makes Odell Beckham a big risk for Packers—

Beckham is young and has a tremendous amount of talent, but without a Jordy Nelson or a Donald Driver in the locker room could his arrival create more problems than he’s worth?

Free agency reveals Packers still need playmakers—Wisconsin State Journal

Even with Jimmy Graham, Mo Wilkerson and Tramon Williams in Green Bay, the Packers still need help in the secondary.

Jordy Nelson ‘hurt’ Packers didn’t do more to keep him—ESPN

Not rip the band aid off again, but Nelson in an interview with ESPN Milwaukee said he was hurt the two sides didn’t talk more about a restructuring of his contract, but at the end of the day football is a business and everyone has to look out for themselves.

It’s a requirement to achieve the improvement necessary—

Mike Spofford does his best to answer some...interesting questions from fans, including one who thinks Brett Hundley and Davante Adams had a pact to get Adams the ball more in a contract year.

Showtime: Suh adds star power to Rams’ Super Bowl push—

Ndamukong Suh plus Aaron Donald?

Look out, NFC offenses. Suh and Donald form quite a terrifying pass rush duo.