Cody Kessler v. DeShawn Kiser does not speak well for GB Front Office

The Cleveland Browns have moved on from another failed QB on their roster. After trading Kiser to Green Bay for a former 1st round draft pick in Demarious Randall the Browns just traded Cody Kessler to the Jacksonville Jaguars for...get ready....."a conditional 7th Round Draft Pick".

This does not speak well for the Packers front office. Unless Kiser turns out to be the second coming of Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre they have overpaid for a backup QB.

I was part of the In Ted We Trust....but recent front office moves such as stated above, letting all pros Hyde and Hayward walk, signing Jimmy Graham, and making but a limited effort to keep Jordy Nelson, and apparently no effort on Morgan Burnett.....have moved me to the "Yikes....this is not good" stance. When you add how the head coach suddenly claims no responsibility for anything...including a backup QB in Brett Hundley who would not make it in the Canadian Football League...

I am fearful that without a healthy Aaron Rodger the Packers are not even a 500 team going forward.

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