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Cheese Curds, 3/9: Addition by subtraction is a necessary evil in the NFL

How strongly will Brian Gutekunst adopt Vince Lombardi’s emotionless approach to personnel?

Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Football fans are inherently an emotional bunch. We figuratively live and die with our teams, and we tend to get very attached to specific players. That is at least one reason why Green Bay Packers fans are struggling with the ideas of releasing any of the high-priced veterans on this year’s squad in order to make some room for new acquisitions.

One person who would not allow emotion to cloud his judgment, however, was legendary coach Vince Lombardi. His attitude was to approach everything in a businesslike manner and without emotion — deciding on each player’s future on the merits of his play instead of on any personal attachment.

After reading through one of today’s curds on that attitude of his, it’s easy to wonder how similar modern personnel executives approach player transactions. That, and the tough decisions the Packers need to make in the next week, are among the topics in the final curds of the week.

Lombardi: Getting rid of players key to sustained success |
Here's one of Lombardi's most telling quotes: “There is a tendency to stay with the players that won the championship – even if he isn’t as good as he was. And it’s the very human thing to do. However, there is no room for that type of emotion. Football is a hardheaded cold business. No matter what a player did last year, he must go if he can’t do it this year.”

Bryan Bulaga: 'No news is good news' on his future with the Packers - ESPN
Yes, there are significant concerns about Bulaga's knee, and yes, he has been a very good player when healthy. But perhaps this is an example of what Lombardi was talking about?

Packers finished 17th in total pressures by the front 7 in 2017 | Packers Wire
If you count all sacks, hits, and hurries, the Packers were right in the middle of the pack last season in terms of pass rush production from the front seven. Surprised? So were we.

NFL draft: Speed concerns make 'playmaker' CB Josh Jackson a tough call |
Jackson had a tremendous year as a ballhawk in 2017, but it was his only year as a starter and he played almost exclusively in zone coverage at Iowa.

NFL free agency 2018: Price of a WR franchise tag is chasing teams away -
A whole bunch of wide receivers got paid in 2015 -- Randall Cobb among them -- and that is part of the reason why teams are so hesitant to franchise a wideout in 2018.

Patriots had topped Eagles' offer for Michael Bennett -
If certain things had worked out differently, the Bennetts might have ended up together in New England. In fact, the Patriots' offer to the Seahawks was reportedly better than the Eagles', but because John Schneider had already said yes to Howie Roseman, the trade went through sending Michael to Philly.