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Cheese curds, 4/13: Are Packers right to keep Aaron Rodgers out of roster decisions?

Aaron Rodgers commented about how the Packers approach roster building.

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

While the 2018 Green Bay Packers won’t look altogether different than they have in recent seasons, the team has undergone some significant turnover in spots along the roster. Longtime standout Jordy Nelson departed this offseason as a cost-cutting move with All-Pro tight end Jimmy Graham coming aboard. The defense too lost some meaningful contributors such as Morgan Burnett.

While change makes sense on some level, not everyone involved with the team agrees with it. That includes the franchise’s most important player, Aaron Rodgers.

Silverstein: Packers right to keep Aaron Rodgers out of roster decisions | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rodgers might prefer that the Packers consult with him on roster moves such as Nelson’s aforementioned release, but the front office has to make the tough calls with an eye towards the franchise’s best interests. Not every one of those decisions will ultimately pay off, but players too often focus on the short term and ignore what the team needs in future seasons.

Packers see ‘bigger, stronger’ (and healthier?) Ty Montgomery | ESPN

Ty Montgomery has missed half or more of two of his three seasons with the Packers, a fact that contributed to the rise of Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones, 2017’s rookie tailback tandem. Still, Montgomery can have a large role in the Packers offense if he remains healthy, and not just at running back.

Packers’ 2018 draft picks: Projecting first-rounder, late-round sleepers | Sporting News

Another publication sees Florida State safety Derwin James as a possibility for the Packers at pick No. 14. James doesn’t address one of the team’s biggest needs (cornerback and the pass rush), but his talent makes such a strong case for the selection if Green Bay gets the opportunity.

Still, some argue that the Packers need to go a different direction with their top pick ...

Why Packers need to draft a cornerback in Round 1 | 247 Sports

With Tramon Williams and Davon House both likely to see significant playing time as things currently stand, perhaps the Packers need to make sure they land one of the draft’s top cornerback prospects. Ohio State’s Denzel Ward seems unlikely to last past the top 10, but a player like Iowa’s Josh Jackson could make sense for Green Bay.