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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Trouble brewing between Aaron Rodgers, Packers?

The quarterback apparently isn’t happy. How will the Packers respond?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Packers fans may be experiencing a sensation of deja vu soon and it won’t be the pleasant kind.

Ten years ago, fans stood aghast as Brett Favre waffles on retirement and was eventually traded to the New York Jets. That’s not what is happening now with Aaron Rodgers, but rather it’s what preceded the Favre trade that should raise a few eyebrows.

Prior to the 2007 season, Favre lobbied hard for then-general manager Ted Thompson to sign Randy Moss. Thompson ignored Favre and Moss went on to sign with the New England Patriots and Favre feeling shunned by the team played a big role in his departure.

Throw in Favre’s rumored demand for his own locker room as well as skipping offseason workouts and it led to a quarterback who elevated himself above the team and also thought he was co-GM.

Could Packer Nation be seeing history repeat itself with another franchise quarterback?

Rodgers is currently not a happy camper. He’s made that clearly known after the Packers changed quarterbacks coaches and released wide receiver and known Rodgers BFF Jordy Nelson without any kind of input from the star quarterback. His passive aggressive remarks to the press clearly are his way of letting the team know he isn’t thrilled with the team.

With the Packers and Rodgers talking on an extension that will make him the richest player in NFL history, this could all be leverage to get more money out of the team.

Or could it be a sign of trouble to come? For fans still scarred by the Summer of Favre in 2008, could a Summer of Rodgers be coming soon?

Let’s hope not. The Packers are clearly better with Rodgers on the team, but don’t forget three of the final four quarterbacks at the end of last season were Blake Bortles, Case Keenum and Nick Foles. The roster would have to be adjusted, but winning can happen without a true franchise quarterback. So the doomsday scenario can still be survived.

There’s more on Rodgers’ discontent in today’s cheese curds, plus the business of the NFL goes on and the draft is approaching.

Here’s where things can get contentious between Aaron Rodgers and Packers—Yahoo! Sports

As noted in the article, Rodgers doesn’t really have a ton of leverage here. He’s under contract through 2019 and the Packers could franchise tag him in 2020 and 2021 a la Kirk Cousins. However, if things get really ugly between quarterback and team, will it really matter?

Packers will need bold moves to land Derwin James—

The Packers very well could have to trade up to draft James, and they could very well do it. Otherwise Minkah Fitzpatrick could be a fallback option.

Packers 7-round mock draft, mid-April edition—Packers Wire

A haul of linebacker Harold Landry, cornerback Mike Hughes and wide receiver Anthony Miller would be near perfection. Assuming players fall that way, that is.

Best undrafter players in every NFL team’s history—ESPN

The Packers have made a lot of undrafted players start in recent memory, but their best of all time according to ESPN? Willie Wood.

Green Bay’s biggest blizzard in 130 years hits Lambeau Field—

Green Bay got a ludicrous amount of snow over the weekend. This photo gallery shows it in perspective against Lambeau Field. Too bad this storm didn’t hit during the regular season.