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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix discusses changes on Packers defense

Speaking with the media during the Packers’ offseason program, safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix opens up about the new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, meeting expectations, and teammates holding each other accountable.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In one of his first conversations with the media since the Packers’ offseason program kicked off earlier this week, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix discussed the myriad changes across the defense on Tuesday. In an eight-minute scrum session, the fifth-year safety shared his thoughts about his new defensive coordinator, the changes in defensive leadership, and bouncing back after a disappointing season.

On Mike Pettine’s new scheme:

I’m very excited about this system. Mike is a great coach. He has a lot of energy. He’s not going to take any mess. I’m excited about where this defense can go this year.

Clinton-Dix later elaborated on what “not going to take any mess” meant:

It means everybody’s being held accountable. There isn’t going to be any loose strings, whether you’re a 10-year vet or a rookie. Guys are going to be held accountable, and I’m excited about that.

On Morgan Burnett’s departure this offseason:

Concerns? Not at all. I’m excited to step up and take his role. He was a leader on this defense. He was a guy that was always held accountable. He was a guy you never had to question about whether he was going to work hard or not. And he set great standards, not only for me but everybody else that was in the locker room. We have to carry on with the tradition that he set.

On the identity of the Packers defense in 2018:

Easy. Play fast. Get conditioned. Get in shape. Go out and play fast and not give up deep balls.

On his performance in 2017 and his expectations for the upcoming season:

Last year we had to do what was best for the team. I wasn’t involved in a lot. But like I said, last year is last year. I didn’t meet the standards that I had set for myself personally. If you ask a guy from a different team, three picks and 80 tackles while not being involved in the scheme, I think they would think they had a great year. But a guy like me, high expectations I set for myself, I expect more. I expect more from myself this year.

Clinton-Dix discussed several other topics as well over the course of the eight minutes, ranging from the new front office to new rules implemented by the league. Watch the entire interview on