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Cheese Curds, 4/24: Brian Gutekunst is ready for his first NFL Draft as Packers GM

With his mentor in the room with him this weekend, the new Packers GM hopes to stay calm over a stressful few days.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For essentially all of his adult life, Brian Gutekunst has been relaying information to other people, who would process his material and use it to inform their decisions.

Now, he’s the one making the final call.

If Gutekunst is intimidated by that new role, however, he isn’t showing it. In a press conference on Monday, just days before the 2018 NFL Draft, Gutekunst addressed several questions posed to him, the new general manager of the Green Bay Packers. While his preparation for the Draft was at the top of everyone’s minds, there were also questions about his predecessor, Ted Thompson, as well as the status of the team’s best player.

Of course, the fact that Gutekunst held this presser at all is a sign that things are a bit different in the Packers’ front office from when Thompson was in charge. Ted famously spoke just a few times each year — usually once at the Scouting Combine, once or twice during the Draft, and maybe one more time during training camp. Gutekunst’s willingness to go in front of the microphone and explain his thought process is a refreshing change, and one that Packers fans should not take for granted.

Gutekunst wants to maintain 'steady hand' in draft room |
The GM spoke to the media on Monday and emphasized that he hopes to follow in Ted Thompson's footsteps in at least one way: staying calm in the draft room while things devolve into chaos.

Packers GM Gutekunst welcomes talks with Rodgers -
The other topic that Gutekunst was asked about was Aaron Rodgers and his potential contract extension, but Brian said that he has been focused on the draft. However, he said he welcomes any player into his office to voice concerns, and hasn't heard from Rodgers yet in person.

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Tom Silverstein has a list of 28 players who visited the Packers, which includes just a few names who weren't yet on our list: safety Trayvon Henderson and DLs Connor Sheehy and Mike Ramsey. Our list now sits at a full 30, and you can find it here.

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The mothership has prepared a Dante-inspired dictionary for the NFL Draft.

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