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Cheese Curds, 4/25: Volatility in top ten makes predicting Packers’ pick nearly impossible

So many different scenarios are possible in round one on Thursday that we can’t confidently say anything about what Green Bay will do.

NFL Draft Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This year, more than ever, it seems to be difficult to project what the Green Bay Packers will do with their first round pick. It’s a bit funny, since the team drafts higher than they have at any point since 2009, but that might play into it a bit, as the tiers of players at certain positions — particularly defensive back and pass-rusher — seem to separate in the mid-teens overall.

Adding to the complexity of this year’s pick is the new face in the general manager’s office. We think we know that Brian Gutekunst will look for similar types of athletes to his predecessors, but we’re not sure; furthermore, the glut of picks he possessed over all three days seem to suggest that a trade up will be taking place at some point.

While we wrap up our draft prep in these final few days, today’s curds features some last thoughts from other outlets covering the Packers.

Perimeter pass-catchers could get early draft attention |
The last time the Packers drafted a pass-catcher before day three was in 2014, when they landed Davante Adams in round two and Richard Rodgers in the third. This writer would be very surprised if they don't pick at least one wideout or tight end on the second day of this year's draft.

NFL draft: Packers GM Brian Gutekunst needs quick decision-making |
One former NFL GM basically said Gutekunst's biggest task this week is "Don't do anything stupid." It's tough to disagree with that sentiment.

‘It’s your call’: What Packers GM Brian Gutekunst faces in his first draft | ESPN
Say this for Gutekunst, he has years of experience in the Packers’ draft room, and he will still be surrounded by largely the same group of people who he worked with in the past. Other former Packers executives who went on to GM jobs had to teach their approach to new front office staffs, so the continuity in the room should be a plus for Gutey.

5 players the Packers could consider trading up for | Packers Wire
Which of these five would you most want to see in Green and Gold?

Pete Carroll fires back at Sherman, Bennett criticism -
Carroll seems pretty unhappy with the comments that former players made about his leadership style.

2018 NFL mock draft: The two best QBs might not be top 3 picks -
Dan Kadar's penultimate mock draft sees the top defensive backs leaving the board by pick 11, which forces the Packers to take a pass-rusher instead.