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Packers Draft History: Green Bay’s past picks each of this year’s slots

The Packers have 12 picks and a long draft history. Let’s take a look at who they’ve drafted in the past at the same draft spots they’ll be selecting in 2018.

Hall of Fame linebacker Dave Robinson

The Packers have a whopping 12 draft picks in the upcoming NFL Draft.

That’s a lot of opportunities to get a few studs or starters, but also a lot of picks to go wrong. I went through the Packers draft history with a little help from Pro Football Reference and took a look at how their draft history has been every other time they’ve selected at the spots they pick from during the last weekend of April.

There are a few notable names, but there are also players from years ago that you may never heard of. Only one Hall of Famer was dug up throughout this research. Here’s what I found.

#14 Overall

The Packers drafted TE Bubba Franks the last time they selected at pick 14 back in 2000. It’s unlikely they draft a TE here, but Franks caught 32 touchdowns and had 2,347 receiving yards for the Packers. There Hall of Fame pick comes in here as well back in 1963 where they drafted linebacker Dave Robinson. Robinson played 10 seasons for the Packers before ending his career in Washington for two seasons. FB Earl Gros in 1962 rounds out their picks at 14.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Packers selected a future Hall of Famer in the coming draft to bat 50 percent when drafting at 14?

#45 Overall

Only one pick for the Packers at 45 overall. DT Fred Heron was the selection out of San Diego State. He played 79 games after being selected in 1966, but those games were for the former St. Louis Cardinals football team.

#76 Overall

The Packers have had a strong history of drafting at 76 overall. They selected two offensive linemen in 1945 and 1946 taking Toby Collins and Grant Darnell, respectively. Following that they got another pick at #76 in 1952 taking FB Bill Reichardt. Unfortunately, Reichardt only played 12 games and registered one rushing touchdown. Frank Gilliam in 1957 and John Simmons in 1963 round out the other #76 overall draft picks for the Packers.

#101 Overall

Another heavy draft position for the Packers at #101 overall. In 1976, the Packers took linebacker Tom Perko who only played one season for the Packers. Defensive tackle Ed Culpepper was another draft selection by the Packers in 1955, but he played his career with the Chicago Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, and Houston Oilers. His 74 career games only amounted to 28 starts.

Other picks by Green Bay from the draft slot are Bob Rennebohm (1948) and Frank Brixius (1960).

#133 Overall

Who could forget the great Josh Bidwell’s four seasons for the Packers? Selected in the fourth round, Bidwell spent most of his career playing five seasons for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one for Washington. Another more recent pick was defensive back Jerron McMillian in 2012 who was with Green Bay for a little less than two years before being waived. He was quickly bounced out of the league. Guard Larry Hall in 1959 round out the picks here.

#138 Overall

Not whole lot of information on the draft picks here. Running back Ron Rector was drafted here in 1966, but he did the majority of his work in three seasons split between Washington and Atlanta. Two tackles were selected at this position for the Packers with Don Carlson in 1943 and Buck McLeod in 1961. Nathaniel Ross was the lone defensive player selected here in 1972. Based on their 1972 roster, it’s hard to tell if the defensive back out of Bethune-Cookman made the team.

#172 Overall

172 has a loaded draft class for the Packers over the years.

Darrell Gofourth was a guard that was drafted in 1977 and had a nice little career with Green Bay. He played six season for the green and gold. Bobby Jack Floyd a fullback drafted in 1952 and Cleo Walker a linebacker drafted in 1970 were two players that each played one season in Green Bay and another for a different team before ending their careers.

Joe Ernst (1951), guard Dick Miller (1947), LB George Plasketes (1978); DB Bill Whitaker (1981); and DE Tony Leiker (1987) round out the large draft class. Leiker played a single game for Green Bay while Whitaker played two of his four seasons with the Pack.

#174 Overall

Guard Floyd Lewis was drafted here at 1949. Lewis played his college ball at SMU, but there it’s a record of his Packer days.

#186 Overall

Drafted in 2011, linebacker D.J. Smith played 22 games for the Packers, getting three starts as a rookie. He was in Houston after 2 seasons, though, and only played one game for them. Lester Archambeau out of Stanford played defensive end for the Packers for three seasons. Drafted in 1990, Archambeau enjoyed an 11-year career with a bulk of those seasons being in Atlanta (7) and ending with one season in Denver.

Others selected at this pick were quite a few decades ago. Offensive tackle Dick Afflis was drafted in 1951; center Gene Huebner in 1950; Bill DeRosa in 1946; guard Frank Hazard in 1945; and running back Jimmy Strausbaugh in 1941.

#207 Overall

The Packers haven’t drafted at #207 since the 1950s. They selected offensive tackles Howard Tisdale and Emery Barnes in 1952 and 1954, respectively. Following that they selected Credell Green at 207 in 1957. Barnes played 2 games for the Packers, but other than that, not much has been made out of these picks.

#232 Overall

At this selection, the Packers brought in Fred Redeker in 1947 and linebacker Sam Barrington in 2013. Barrington is no longer with the team, but filled in for seven starts during the 2014 season — quite admirably, too, recording 45 tackles. He hasn’t played since 2016, but at 27 years old, you could still see Barrington pop up somewhere after he was cut by the Buffalo Bills last year.

#239 Overall

And lastly, the lone pick the Packers have ever made at #239 was guard: Morris Johnson in 1985. Johnson came out of Alabama A&M and was nicknamed “The Freezer.” In 1985, there’s no doubt that was inspired by William Perry down in Chicago. Nicknamed “The Refrigerator,” Perry was drafted at #22 overall in this same draft as Johnson.

Then coach, Forrest Gregg said of Johnson at the time:

“He’s a huge guy, exceptionally strong and runs well. He’s all the things we want. It just takes time for a rookie.”

Johnson was not listed on the final roster of 1985.