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Packers Hot Take Generator, 2018 Version

Don’t know the Packers’ 90-man roster inside and out yet? Don’t let that stop you from giving an opinion on every player on the team.

SiriusXM At Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row
The fact that Jimmy Graham would stand next to Stephen A. Smith is a major red flag.
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Are you sick of Twitter and sports media coming up with all the hot takes about the Green Bay Packers? Do you want to impress your friends with your encyclopedic knowledge about the Packers’ 90-man roster, less than a week after rookie minicamp?

Every Packers fan should have an opinion about names like Ryan Smith and C.J. Johnson, and we have just the thing for you, brought to us with the generous help of Eric Thompson of Daily Norseman. We present to you the Packers Hot Take Generator, 2018 Version. This bit of computer magic provides you with a bona-fide hot take about one of the members of the Packers’ current 90-man roster at the click of a button!

(Note: the accuracy of these takes is and will remain entirely unverified.)

Now you can talk just like your favorite (or least-favorite) NFL analysts with just one click! Share your best takes in the comments, and let’s see what we can find that would be worthy of an appearance on Hottest Take of the Week.

Our thanks go to Eric Thompson of Daily Norseman for putting this tool together. He’s proof that there are some cool Vikings fans out there.