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Cheese Curds, 5/31: Getting to know the Packers' latest free agent additions

Brian Gutekunst’s late offseason free agent activity provides a little more to talk about during what’s usually an offseason dead spot.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Other than the flood of rookies added in the NFL Draft and in the rush of free agency immediately afterward, the Ted Thompson era in Green Bay didn’t present a lot of challenges as far as getting acquainted with new players.

Aside from the odd Charles Woodson or Julius Peppers signing, the roster the Packers had at the end of the previous season figured to be by and large the same once training camp opened the following year.

That’s clearly different under Brian Gutekunst, who has added two new players to the roster in the final week of May, an unheard of development under his predecessor.

The jury is obviously still out on these signings. Who honestly knows if either Byron Bell or Marcedes Lewis will make a big impact for the Packers this year? There’s a reason each of them was available this late into the offseason.

But even if neither of them are a home run signing, at least they’ve given us something substantive to talk about as the calendar flips to June.

Five things to know about Byron Bell |

Byron Bell is a somewhat familiar face, having visited Green Bay as a free agent in 2017. But that doesn’t mean we know everything about the new offensive lineman. Wes Hodkiewicz explores five things we should know about the latest entrant in this season’s most exciting Packers-themed reality show, “Who Wants To Start On The Right Side of the Offensive Line, Either At Guard or Tackle, We’re Not Really Sure.” The title needs work, but I, for one, am excited.

Speaking of new arrivals in Green Bay, the details on the Marcedes Lewis contract have been revealed:

Davante Adams has a chance to prove he belongs among league’s elite receivers | Acme Packing Company

While new signees have gotten a lot of (usually well-deserved) publicity in Green Bay this offseason, our very own Peter Bukowski says we shouldn’t forget about Davante Adams. After clocking in at #45 in the NFL 100 countdown, Adams could be ready to take up residence among the game’s best.

Get to Know the Packers’ Scouts | The Power Sweep

It’s not just the roster that’s gotten a shakeup this offseason. Brian Gutekunst has also tweaked his scouting staff in a couple significant ways. Take a moment and learn some details about the group of guys who help the Packers find new talent, including nuggets about one scout who lined up for Packers great Forrest Gregg and another whose grandfather helped overthrow a government in Africa.

Packers vs. Patriots among most likely Super Bowl LIII matchups | Packers Wire

Take it for what it’s worth on the last day of May (read: not very much), but at least one outlet is giving the Packers a pretty good chance of making another Super Bowl run this season. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, the Packers have one of the five best chances to play for a Super Bowl this year.

Jermaine Gresham helps a woman in need in the airport | Twitter

Finally, it’s been a good week for NFL players giving people a hand in airports. After Aaron Jones stepped up to escort a woman in a wheelchair through a concourse, Jermaine Gresham brought out his wallet for a stranger in need when she was hit with an unexpected charge.