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Packers Pro Shop has some odd clearance prices on former Packers’ jerseys

The steep discount on a fan favorite’s merch seems surprising at first glance.

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Selling merchandise featuring former players at clearance prices is a time-honored tradition for sports teams. When players leave in free agency, get traded, or get released, teams need to unload their inventories of jerseys and t-shirts somehow, and dropping the price is the best way to convince fans to still buy the merch.

But sometimes, the supply of these items dictates that strange things happen with the way they’re priced, and we are seeing that at the Packers Pro Shop right now.

Two wide receivers from last year’s Packers squad left this offseason: Jordy Nelson, who was released and signed with the Raiders, and Jeff Janis, who became an unrestricted free agent and landed with the Browns. Now, it’s reasonable to think that both players would have their jerseys discounted given their departures; but what will probably surprise you is which player’s stuff had the bigger price cut.

Nelson, of course, had a long and storied career with the Packers and became a fan favorite on and off the field. Janis, meanwhile, spent four years in Green Bay and was most notable for preseason success, two Hail Mary receptions in a playoff game, and as an excellent gunner on the punt team.

So naturally, Nelson’s jerseys are discounted by 70%, while Janis’ merch is marked down to just half-price:

Packers Pro Shop
Packers Pro Shop

The same 70% discount applies to Nelson jerseys in higher-quality styles as well, meaning you can get the mid-level Limited for just $45 and the top-flight Elite for just under $100 (before tax and shipping). Meanwhile, comparable jerseys featuring Morgan Burnett (also a free agent departure) match the 50% discount on Janis’ jerseys.

This is clearly a case of the Pro Shop having far more Nelson jerseys to unload than those of other departed players; after all, his merch was most likely the team’s second-best seller behind Aaron Rodgers over the last half-decade so the team understandably kept them in stock. Still, it’s a bit odd to see his #87 going for less money than other similarly-departed former Packers’ jerseys.

With that said, now is a great time to grab a Nelson jersey for a steep discount if you remain a fan and want one for a display or just to remember his great career in Green and Gold.