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Packers' Vince Biegel gets a dog, names it Lambeau (of course)

But sadly there is no Biegel’s Beagle.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

On June 13th, Vince Biegel’s wife Sarah announced a new addition to the Biegel family.

Lambeau, a miniature golden doodle, made her very first trip to the field from which she gets her namesake. Twitter user @ZachBOutdoors joked that the Biegel family should have gone with a different breed. Vince responded saying “I don’t know if there’s room for another ‘Biegel’ in the house.”

Both Vince and Sarah’s twitter threads were flooded with happy Green Bay Packers fans not only congratulating them on their addition but also showing off their own furry family members. In fact, the name “Lambeau” appears to be very popular among the fan base.

While going with a beagle would appear to be the best choice for the family, it isn’t quite so. Getting a golden doodle and naming it Lambeau is even more fitting. This dog will grow up to be plenty Curly.

With OTAs now at a close, it would appear that Biegel has been improving. In a recent interview the oft tight-lipped Winston Moss noted that Vince “comes prepared every single day to play hard every single day”. A good work ethic will surely help the former fourth round pick. Vince looks to bounce back from his injury-riddled first season as he enters into a, hopefully healthy, sophomore outing.