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Packers best plays of 2017, No. 10: The Green Bay bobsled Team

If you can bobsled in Jamaica, you can bobsled in Texas.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboy Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers felt the rhythm, they felt the rhyme, and for a brief moment in the 2017 season it was bobsled time.

Last season was one most Packers fans would like to forget, but that doesn’t mean some fun wasn’t had.

One fun moment came in Week 5 against the Dallas Cowboys. That game was the high point of the season for Green Bay in many ways, the first of which is number 10 on our list of top plays from last season. Actually It’s not even a proper play that is in this spot, but rather the celebration afterwards.

Yes, we’re talking about inaugural run of the Green Bay bobsled team composed of wide receivers Davante Adams, Randall Cobb and the now departed Jordy Nelson.

This play comes in at #10 on our countdown of the Packers’ best plays of 2017. Ten APC contributors voted on the best plays of last season based on their impact on the season, individual effort, and amusing or particularly memorable nature.

Here’s play number ten.

The Situation

The Cowboys marched right down the field on the game’s opening drive to take an early 7-0 lead. The drive also chewed up over six minutes of clock in the first quarter before the Packers got the ball for the first time. Green Bay then went 65 yards in seven plays, setting up a 2nd and 8 from the Dallas 10-yard line.

The Play

Rodgers lined up in the shotgun with Aaron Jones to his left and Nelson, Cobb and Adams to his right. Rodgers made a quick three step drop and place the ball just in front of Adams on a sluggo route for the touchdown.

The play itself is an afterthought, though, compared to the memorable celebration.

The Moment

Immediately after the catch, Adams summoned Cobb and Nelson and the three receivers paid tribute to the film “Cool Runnings’ and broke into a bobsled team celebration.

In the past, this kind of celebration would have drawn a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but thanks to the NFL finally listening to its players and fans the celebration rules were relaxed and some very fun and creative demonstrations have risen up.

The impromptu bobsled run isn’t even the most memorable play of the game for Adams (*SPOILER ALERT*) but the celebration will forever live on and will be featured in EA Sports’ Madden NFL 19.

The Impact

Aside for the coming appearance in Madden NFL 19, inspiring some cool social media reactions (including the actual Jamaican bobsled team) and providing an idea for t-shirt makers all over Wisconsinincluding us here at APC — the celebration probably won’t be felt forever but it’s still a nice moment and will make a photo Packers fans will cherish forever especially with Nelson no longer with the team.

The play itself meanwhile was key. Green Bay was able to get within a point (Mason Crobsy missed the extra point attempt, the first of two missed on the day) before Dallas scored again on the following drive to take a 14-6 lead. Green Bay would eventually trail 21-6 at one point. The Packers of course won the game 35-31 on yet another clutch throw by Rodgers, but without that opening touchdown they’d have been down 21-3 most likely instead and that’s three scores versus two.

Had the Packers ended up losing this game, the bobsled celebration would probably have been forgotten. Unlike the Jamaican team in “Cool Runnings,” the Packers were the heart breakers instead of having their hearts broken.

Thankfully, Rodgers was feeling very Olympic that day.