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Cheese Curds, 6/18: A few new Packers are focusing on the ‘foot’ in football

And at least for today, neither of the players we’re talking about is a kicker or punter.

NFL: Green Bay Packers -Minicamp Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Since players only touch the pigskin with their feet a few times each game, the name of the sport — football — seems an odd choice. For a pair of new Green Bay Packers, however, the offseason has very much been about their feet, even if they’re not supposed to be coming into contact with the ball.

Sure, rookie punter JK Scott has been booming punts in spring practices, but we’ll worry about that another day. Instead, it’s footwork, speed, and agility that are the focus of today’s Cheese Curds.

New Packers quarterback DeShone Kizer is learning that good footwork in the pocket is critical to the Packers’ offensive system, and he has a heck of a mentor to learn from in Aaron Rodgers. One of the new arrivals at wide receiver is also making news for his feet, as fourth-round pick J’Mon Moore has impressed his coaches and teammates with both his pure speed and his quickness in and out of his routes. Find out more below.

DeShone Kizer gaining confidence as adjustments continue |
Sure, absorbing a new playbook is a big deal for Kizer, who enters his second year with his second NFL team, but he’s focusing just as much -- if not more so -- on his footwork.

J'Mon Moore's best attribute: He 'grabs grass' when he runs - ESPN
That's an interesting phrase to describe someone who runs really fast, but it's apparently one that has been used in Green Bay for a while. Moore had a highlight-reel catch in minicamp last week and is poised to make some noise in training camp.

Former Packers RB James Starks earns master’s degree | Packers Wire
Congrats to James on this great achievement, which he began pursuing while still playing football in Green Bay.

NFL trope season is here! The finest in recycled themes -
We haven't heard many "Packers player X is in the best shape of his life" stories this year, but that doesn't mean they aren't making the rounds around the rest of the NFL.

Former Eagles secretary who inspired a flea flicker got a Super Bowl ring -
This is fantastic. Carol Wilson, an Eagles employee for three decades, would bug Doug Pederson about calling a flea flicker when he was working under Andy Reid. Wilson was fired by Chip Kelly, but she kept in touch with Pederson and inspired the flea flicker call in the Super Bowl -- and the franchise did her a solid by sending her a Super Bowl ring.

Jordan Easton knifes himself to death testing if top was 'stab proof' | Daily Mail Online
Guy buys purportedly stab-proof vest, decides to test out the theory at the kitchen table. Test is successful as the vest fully deflected the blade.

No, that’s not true. He will probably end up receiving a Darwin Award instead.