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Packers best plays of 2017, No. 8: Damarious Randall scores pick-six off Dak Prescott

Damarious Randall recorded the final pick-six of his Packers career under the bright lights of Jerry World.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Acme Packing Company’s countdown of the best plays of the Green Bay Packers’ 2017 season continues today with No. 8, Damarious Randall’s pick-six off Dak Prescott. Ten APC contributors voted on last year’s top moments. You can see those already revealed here.

The situation

With less than a quarter remaining and trailing by two, a beleaguered Packers defense hoped to get a stop against a high-functioning Dallas Cowboys attack. Thus far in the game, quarterback Dak Prescott has encountered little resistance, posting three of his eventual four touchdowns and avoiding major mistakes. With 85 yards in front of them, the Cowboys have plenty of real estate to methodically chew the clock as they have all afternoon.

The play

Facing second-and-7 from their 15-yard line, the Cowboys come to the line in a heavy set with multiple running backs, two receivers tight to the offensive line, and only Dez Bryant split out to the boundary. The Packers counter with their base 3-4 personnel (albeit with defensive lineman Dean Lowry in a two-point stance). Prescott takes a three-step drop and slings the ball towards Terrence Williams on a curl route. Seeing this unfold, Clay Matthews breaks towards Williams. Perhaps hearing footsteps, the wideout fails to secure the pass, knocking it into the air and into the waiting arms of Randall. 20 yards and a Lowry block later, the mercurial cornerback leaps into the end zone to put Green Bay ahead.

The impact

Though the Packers regained the lead, Prescott would put together a sterling drive that culminated in an 11-yard touchdown scramble that put the Cowboys back on top 31-28. That set the stage for one of the finest moments of the season, but more on that later.