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Cheese Curds, 6/22: What’s the delay with Aaron Rodgers’ new contract?

We thought something would probably be in place by now.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Organized Team Activity Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Money can be stressful. It’s one of the main points of conflict in relationships, having too little of it can make your life much more difficult, and concerns about money are apparently making millennials actually sick, believe it or not.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers may not have those kind of worries, but the two sides have been working long and hard on a new contract this offseason with little to show for it other than promises that a deal will get done.

Those concerns over money are apparently not unique in Packers history, though, as our Curds today will show. Plus, the (very large) amount of money you’ll need to buy a Packers executive’s house.

Aaron Rodgers contract negotiations heading down one of two paths? | Packers Wire

It seemed like a pretty simple two-step process for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers to get to a new contract this offseason: 1) Wait for Matt Ryan’s deal to get done 2) hammer out an agreement that pays Rodgers more. But it’s now been more than seven weeks since Ryan’s new contract was announced and there’s been no indication that Rodgers is any closer to signing. What gives?

Ward Cuff on Curly Lambeau: ‘A miserable guy’ |

Speaking of contracts, Cliff Christl explores the history of an extremely contentious contract situation involving Curly Lambeau and Ward Cuff, a defensive back and kicker for the Packers in 1947. Cuff had to threaten Lambeau with bodily harm to get him to pay what Cuff was owed, and even more than 70 years later, Cuff says he considers Lambeau “a (s.o.b.) in every way you can think of.”

Mike Daniels explains why he picked on Packers rookie RBs | Packers Wire

To be fair, Mike Daniels tends to make life miserable for just about anyone who lines up on offense. It’s kind of his thing. But Daniels revealed this week his extra attention to the Packers’ rookie running backs had a purpose.

Don’t Take McCarthy’s Word on “Running Back By Committee” Approach | The Power Sweep

Rookie or otherwise, Mike McCarthy said this week he was hoping to use a more committee-based approach for his backs this year. Most teams are tending to use that approach in the modern NFL, so on the one hand, that’s good to hear. But McCarthy has never been good at balancing carries between his backs. Maybe wait and see on this one.

Yes, Mark Murphy is selling his house; No, he’s not leaving the Packers | Packers News

First, Jordy Nelson put his home on the market. Now, Mark Murphy’s 7000-square foot home is for sale in De Pere, but (for better or for worse) he’s not leaving the Packers. A cool $1.5 million gets you seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and 200 feet of Fox River frontage as well as the opportunity to tell all your friends that you live in the same house that Mark Murphy used to live in. You know, if that’s something that appeals to you for some reason.