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Cheese Curds, 7/10: Packers need Geronimo Allison to continue to grow

Can the former UDFA hold off three talented rookies?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When the Green Bay Packers released veteran wide receiver Jordy Nelson, all eyes immediately shifted to the sudden lack of depth at the position.

There was still emerging superstar Davonte Adams, but behind him was Randall Cobb who had strong seasons before but whose performance had fallen off in recent years. After those two, the cupboard was pretty bare until the Packers added three rookies in the draft.

While there now may be enough bodies, there’s still a lack of experience. That’s where Geronimo Allison comes in. He may be entering “only” his third year and was an undrafted free agent, but Allison enters training camp as number three on the wide receiver depth chart.

Allison showed flashes as a rookie before struggling in his sophomore season. He’ll have to show something in preseason or he will risk being overtaken by one of of three rookies, though history is not on any of the three draftees’ side.

Allison will have to continue to grow whilst battling for a job. Such is life for many third year NFL players. Can he succeed simultaneously at both? We’ll know in just under two months.

There’s more on Allison plus the Packers announce plans for the opening weekend of their 100th season in today’s cheese curds.

Geronimo Allison continues to be a student of the game—

Adams praised Allison for his preparation and even compared him to Nelson in terms of how he carries himself. If he can emulate Nelson on the field, then Allison should find himself not only on the 53-man roster but also increased opportunities.

Brett Hundley getting “back to basics” for the 2018 season—24/7 Sports

Getting back to fundamentals is probably not a bad idea for a quarterback who was bluntly called “unprepared” by his head coach. Hundley’s job is endangered and if he can’t succeed in Green Bay, could he really succeed elsewhere?

Steve Miller Band will help kick off Packers season with free snow outside Lambeau Field—

The Packers hope to “Fly Like an Eagle” and emulate last season’s Super Bowl champions. Having Aaron Rodgers back in the deck should be the ace instead of “The Joker” that Hundley was last season.

How the Packers can get the most out of Jimmy Graham—Packers Wire

With the aforementioned lack of experience at wide receiver, count on Graham being moved around more like he was in New Orleans versus when he was a Seahawk.

If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, anything is possible in Green Bay—Forbes

Rob Reischel stating the obvious, but it still needs to be said. With all the attention being paid to the Vikings and their new quarterback, the Packers have a hungry Rodgers and are flying under the radar.

That could be a recipe for a special season.