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Thursday Cheese Curds: Packers legend Jerry Kramer empathizes with Terrell Owens

Kramer had to wait much longer than Owens to hear Canton’s call, but he understands what the receiver is feeling.

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In life, rejection can often lead to bitterness. It could be a crush rejecting you leaving you heartbroken as a teenager, or it could even leave a professional athlete upset at their chosen sport’s hall of fame.

For decades, no one quite understood that like former Green Bay Packers guard Jerry Kramer. Kramer had to wait five decades after the end of his legendary career to get the call from the Pro Football Hall of Fame after so many previous nominations and subsequent rejections.

Maybe that’s why Kramer can relate to the bitterness fellow 2018 inductee Terrell Owens feels towards the hall and why the legendary wide receiver won’t be in attendance at the induction ceremony next month. Owens hasn’t had to wait nearly as long as Kramer for his induction however, and that’s led many to think Owens is acting like a petulant brat much like he did during his playing days.

Owens has referenced Kramer as part of the reasoning for him not being in attendance, and Kramer certainly understands why.

That being said, Kramer has come full circle in his emotions about Canton and maybe one day Owens will too.

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