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NFL allows teams to wear throwback jerseys for three games in 2018, per report

Look for some teams to wear throwbacks more frequently this year, but the Packers probably won’t be among them.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers have been wearing throwback jerseys for several years now, dating back to the 2010 season. First, the team sported a 1929-era throwback, notable for its blue numbers inside a yellow circle on the front of the jersey. In 2015, they switched to a design that honored the franchise’s uniforms circa 1937-1948, which remains the current alternate jersey for the 2018 season.

Since instituting the alternates in 2010, however, the Packers have worn these alternate uniforms no more than once each year, even though league rules allowed teams to wear alternates for two games per season. The Packers are just 1-2 in their current iteration of throwbacks; they wore them in a win over the San Diego Chargers in 2015, but lost to the Dallas Cowboys in 2016 and the Baltimore Ravens in 2017 while wearing them.

Thus, the Packers are likely to be unaffected by a recent policy change by the NFL that was reported this weekend, but it is a tweak that expands teams’ abilities to wear their alternates. According to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, teams can now wear their alternates for up to three games per season.

Some teams will likely embrace this change; the Los Angeles Rams and their blue-and-gold uniforms come to mind. This hardly means that the Packers will change their approach to their throwbacks, however, particularly since they have already worn them less frequently than allowed by league rules. However, you may see Packers opponents in alternate uniforms more often this year than you have in the past.