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Cheese curds, 7/30: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers dishes details on diet plan

Will eating like Tom Brady extend his career?

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Organized Team Activity Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It wouldn’t have taken a rocket scientist to guess that the biggest Packers’ training camp storylines would be (in some order) Aaron Rodgers and his contract, Jimmy Graham joining the offense, and Mike Pettine’s work on defense.

But just because those things are obvious doesn’t mean they’re not important.

True to those very obvious predictions, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers have been working (albeit apparently ineffectively) on a contract while Rodgers sets himself up for the stretch run of his career with a little dietary restructuring. While all that is shaking out, Rodgers is building chemistry with his newest high-powered target and Mike Pettine is remaking the Packers’ defense.

But while those larger storylines may be predictable, their individual pieces are still interesting. How will a new contract affect the Packers’ ability to build around Aaron Rodgers into his late 30s? Will training camp chemistry lead to big things in the regular season for Rodgers and Graham? Which ascending players will help Mike Pettine put his stamp on the defense?

All of the smaller pieces of these bigger stories are what make the grind of training camp a fascinating process, and seeing who has already emerged just makes every storyline that much more intriguing.

Aaron Rodgers and the Quest to Be Like Brady | Sports Illustrated

Contract quibbles or not, Aaron Rodgers is working towards his long term goal of playing into his 40s by patterning his diet after Tom Brady.

And speaking of that contract, Ian Rapoport seems to think it will be taken care of quickly.

New Packers TE Jimmy Graham already in awe of Aaron Rodgers’ ‘special arm’ | Packers News

There’s a burgeoning bromance afoot in Green Bay, based entirely on the growing connection between Jimmy Graham and Aaron Rodgers.

Mike Pettine’s Packers defense dialing down the complexity | Packers News

Dom Capers’ defense succeeded for years by befuddling opposing quarterbacks but failed late in his career by doing the same to his own defenders. Mike Pettine hopes to do the first without the second this year in Green Bay.

Last shot? There’s a lot to prove for Packers’ Ty Montgomery | ESPN

Ty Montgomery is in a contract year and Rob Demovsky thinks it could be his last with the Packers if he can’t turn things around in his second full season as a running back.

Packers DL Montravius Adams’ good start could propel interior DL depth, pass rush | Packers Wire

After a disappointing rookie season derailed by an early foot injury, Montravius Adams is trying to make up for lost time. If he can turn things around, he could be another quality addition to an already deep defensive line.

Derek Carr on Jordy Nelson: ‘I can’t believe Green Bay let him go’ | East Bay Times

“The thing that you hear about that he can’t run anymore,” quarterback Derek Carr said, “that’s false.”