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Cheese Curds, 8/2: Packers will need to adjust to new helmet rules

The rule will be borderline impossible to enforce at times. What could go wrong?

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Jim Matthews-USA TODAY Sports

Every time the NFL changes a rule, debate ensues and there is almost always never the same interpretation of it.

That said, out of all the rule changes the league has made in the past few years, the new helmet contact rule for 2018 just might be the craziest of them all.

Simply put, no player can strike another player anywhere on the body in a way that contact was initiated with the helmet.

In the high speed world of the NFL, this potentially could create all sorts of issues. The game moves so fast that officials may need to make snap judgement calls on some plays and those could easily affect the outcome of a game.

There’s also how to properly coach defensive players. While helmet-to-helmet hits have been outlawed for awhile, this alters the method in which some players are used to tackling. They’re not necessarily acting like a spear, but it will force them to adjust the angle at which they tackle.

The Packers of course have to learn this new rule all while learning a new defense thanks to the hire of Mike Pettine as defensive coordinator.

Can teams adapt? It remains to be seen, but this rule has the potential to wreak a lot of havoc even though it has good intentions in regards to player safety.

You can read more on the new helmet rule and how the Packers are handling it plus why the tight end position might really be a strength for the Green Bay in today’s cheese curds.

Packers raking head-on approach to new helmet rules—

The intentions are noble here and there will be an adjustment period but what will the long-term impact of this rule be? Hopefully it doesn’t swing any games against the Packers (or anyone for that matter).

Mike Pettine doesn’t rule out adding veteran ILB—Packers Wire

GM Brian Gutekunst said the team would give the young players a chance in the wake of losing Jake Ryan to a torn ACL, but Pettine didn’t rule out bringing a veteran in. Before anyone yells about them not being on the same page, what else what Gutekunst supposed to say? “No we don’t like who we have so yes we’ll bring in a veteran?” Trust the process, folks. If the younger players struggle, Gutekunst will pull the trigger and it will be faster than Ted Thompson.

Quiet-but-ready rookie Oren Burks vows he will not throw away his shot with Packers—Wisconsin State Journal

Burks deserves a shot. He was a third round pick, so he clearly has some talent. He only met with the Packers before the draft and was happy to hear his name called by the same team. Burke thought he’d get his shot but maybe not this soon. Now the quiet rookie is on center stage and all eyes are on him.

Philbin: ‘Good Problem’ to have so many veteran tight ends—

Tight end was supposed to be a strong point last year too until Martellus Bennett’s mishap basically wrecked it. Thankfully, Jimmy Graham seems above that kind of behavior and the position should actually be a strength this season.

Ohio State places Urban Meyer on administrative leave—

Since a big chunk of Packers fans are also Wisconsin Badgers fans, this news could potentially alter the outcome of the Big Ten this season. If Meyer is out for good, the path to the college football playoff might have just gotten a little clearer for the Badgers.