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Cheese Curds, 8/8: Looking back at Brett Favre’s exit from the Packers

Ten years have passed since the Packers traded Brett Favre.

Mayor Bloomberg Welcomes Brett Favre to New York Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

I was in Green Bay just days before Brett Favre was traded in 2008.

Training camp is always a circus, but this was another level entirely. At least one person asked me to sign a petition demanding Favre be immediately reinstalled as the starter. People carried protest signs in the streets outside the practice field. I got a picture with one that read “Brett Favre is Wisconsin family. Ted Thompson is Forrest Gump’s brother.”

Ten years later, it’s tempting to look back on that summer as much ado about nothing. With a Super Bowl title and two MVP awards under his belt, it’s easy to see that Aaron Rodgers was the right choice. Favre’s one-season renaissance in Minnesota notwithstanding, the Packers turned out fine in the end. Maybe that’s a lesson to remember the next time the Packers face a situation that seems all-consuming for the moment.

Brett the Jet: The inside story of his NY trade, 10 years ago | ESPN

Rich Cimini goes inside the Favre trade from the New York Jets’ perspective, dishing a few details that haven’t been covered in-depth before. For example: New York Jets coach Eric Mangini promised to name his third son after Favre if the quarterback agreed to come to New York. True to his word, his third son Zack Brett Mangini was born on Favre’s 39th birthday.

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For a more Packers-centric look at the situation, here’s a roundup of the local coverage of the Favre trade.

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Aaron Rodgers weighs in on everything NFL, touching on the salary cap, National Anthem protests, and how he’d handle player celebrations.

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File this under “probably not going to happen but interesting to think about.” According to GM Brian Gutekunst, the Packers are at least open to talking about trading for All-Pro edge rusher Khalil Mack.