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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Packers need to adapt with inconsistent pass rush

Mike Pettine has gone coverage heavy the past two weeks. He won’t be able to get away with that forever.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

If one thing has become clear about the Green Bay Packers’ defense after two weeks, it’s that there is a lack of a consistent pass rush.

This isn’t too surprising, given the depth chart going into and then after the offseason but it’s something the Packers and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine are going to have to adapt to as the season wears on.

Of course, the NFL all but outlawing proper tackling technique doesn’t help either but Green Bay defenders aren’t getting home consistently anyway.

Still, the hope was the defensive line of Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark and Mohammed Wilkerson would be more than enough the alleviate the woes outside.

While Clark is wrecking everything in his path and Daniels and Wilkerson have both had their moments, the interior pass rush isn’t opening lanes like many thought.

Pettine did choose extra coverage over a pass rush against Mitchell Trubisky and Kirk Cousins and both players put up big numbers (though Cousins’ would have been reduced by roughly 150 yards had the game ended when it should have).

Now Pettine will have to adjust. This is what doomed his predecessor, not adjusting when needed or doing so too late. It’s doubtful Pettine will fall into the same trap, but it still beats watching.

You can read more on the lack of pass rush and more in today’s cheese curds.

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