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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Packers are ready for Aaron Jones’ return

Jones is expected to rejoin the Packers’ 53-man roster this week after a two-game suspension.

Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

An under-covered aspect of a given team’s season is how much the roster changes from week to week and month to month.

Between the return of Aaron Jones from suspension and the gradual recovery of both Oren Burks and Josh Jones, the Packers stand to get three significant players back this week, changing the complexion of both their offense and defense in significant ways.

What each player actuallyWhat each player actually contributes is almost beside the point; that they’re available at all changes the decision-making process significantly on both sides of the ball.

How will Aaron Jones integrate into the offense? Will he get significant snaps right away? If so, in what capacity? Who will have to leave the roster to make room for his return? How will Oren Burks affect the packages Mike Pettine calls? Will he take snaps from Blake Martinez or work alongside? Will Josh Jones be enough to up the game of a lackluster safety group?

All these questions come from the most minimal of roster decisions, but they have huge consequences for the team as a whole. These and other small roster moves will be very much worth watching as the remainder of the season plays out.

Time for Packers to turn Aaron Jones loose in running game | Packers News

With Jones back on the active roster for Sunday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein doesn’t think he should be in a complementary role. He thinks Jones is just what the doctor ordered to jump start the running game and hopes Mike McCarthy agrees.

What You Might’ve Missed: Blocks from the backs |

To get a worthwhile playing time, Jones is going to have to take snaps from either Jamaal Williams or Ty Montgomery. That shouldn’t be an issue from a production standpoint, but he’ll also have to show he can pass block. As this review by Mike Spofford shows, both Williams and Montgomery have already shown they can.

No worries now for G-Mo: Packers’ Geronimo Allison emerges | ESPN

Between the arrival of Jimmy Graham and three explosive rookie receivers, Allison spent a lot of the offseason as a presumed bystander in the Packers’ offense. But two weeks into the regular season, he’s shown exactly how valuable a cog he can be.

To take the next step, Packers defense needs improved safety play | Packers Wire

Our Peter Bukowski argued this week the Packers should explore a trade for Earl Thomas, but whether the Packers go that route or not, it’s hard to argue the safety group has been anything special. For the overall defense to improve, the Packers have to get better on the back end.

Finally, you know how any time a player of note changes teams a photoshop of that player in their new jersey appears online immediately? This is how that photoshop comes together. Pretty amazing how he did it in only two minutes!