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SB Nation football fans want NFL to go to college overtime rules

With two ties in two weeks, our FanPulse results show that college rules are the most popular option for fixing NFL overtime.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

After six quarters of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers playing on one leg — leading to a win over the Chicago Bears and a tie against the Minnesota Vikings, Packers fans reasons for both worry and optimism. Thankfully, optimism appears to be winning out.

A week after seeing our confidence index in the Acme Packing Company FanPulse survey drop fro 98% to 78% following Rodgers’ injury, the numbers increased up to 85% following the tie. Presumably Rodgers’ ability to still play well is a large reason for that, as he threw for 281 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, the Packers got a taste of the NFL’s ten-minute overtime on Sunday, tying the Vikings at 29 after two missed field goals by Vikings kicker Daniel Carlson in the extra time. That was the second tie in two weeks in the NFL, and it prompted the following question for all of SB Nation’s FanPulse group: how would you change the NFL’s overtime rules?

It seems that the readers like college football’s overtime rules, with that being the most popular response:

What’s your take on the NFL’s overtime rules? Should they revert back to the old 15-minute sudden death format? Or are you a fan of college overtime? Let us know in the comments.

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