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Friday Curds: Packers cornerbacks finally worth watching

Jaire Alexander, Josh Jackson, and Kevin King make that part of the defense worth watching for the first time in a long time

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Who was the last legitimately exciting player in the Packers’ secondary?

Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins were exciting in Green Bay...for opposing offenses. Ladarius Gunter probably falls into that category too.

Micah Hyde and Casey Hayward both remain fixed in the minds of Packers fans, but neither of them was much of a spark in the secondary. Hyde made most of his biggest plays in Green Bay as a punt returner (with the notable exception of his amazing interception against Dallas in the 2016 playoffs) and while Hayward made plays when healthy, the “when healthy” part didn’t come around as often as he or the Packers hoped.

Prior to those two, there’s precious little to look back on for most of the last decade. You probably have to look back to Charles Woodson to find someone in the secondary who was worth watching closely. His last noteworthy season came all the way back in 2011, a year that also featured the loss of Nick Collins.

But this season, it seems like that’s all changed. Jaire Alexander is an energetic spark. Josh Jackson is promising and earning more snaps every week. Even Kevin King, for all his injuries, looks more or less like the player the Packers hoped he could be.

Even if there are still issues, at least the position group isn’t the complete waste it’s been in the not-at-all-distant past. It’s both a welcome change and a storyline that will be fascinating to watch as the Packers move deeper into their 2018 season.

Mike Pettine calls rookie CB Jaire Alexander one of defense’s best players through 2 weeks | Packers Wire

Jaire Alexander has largely been more or less as advertised in his first two weeks as a pro. Now Mike Pettine is taking his turn in publicly praising the rookie.

How the Packers Drafts Hurt Their Depth | The Power Sweep

As much as Alexander and fellow rookie Josh Jackson have brought to the secondary, the Packers still have some issues there. Kevin King’s injury exposed the relative lack of depth in the cornerback group, a problem exacerbated by the end of Ted Thompson’s tenure in Green Bay.

Third-down conversion rate needs to improve | Packers News

Aaron Rodgers’ play through two weeks has ranged from very good to spectacular, but the Packers still find themselves roughly near the middle of the league in the overall offensive production rankings. A lot of that has to do with some uninspiring play on third downs.

JK Scott’s big leg having an impact for Packers |

Of course, if the Packers don’t convert on third downs, that just means more opportunities to watch JK Scott kick the crap out of the ball. As far as consolations prizes go, that’s not too bad.

Packers ranked 12th most valuable franchise | Forbes

Though we know they’re priceless, Forbes doesn’t have the Packers in the top 10 on their annual ranking of NFL franchise values. The Cowboys take the top spot here.